Kugel Is Evil! EVIL! (osnadurtha) wrote in motherhood,
Kugel Is Evil! EVIL!

today I am 30 weeks along! yey!
and also, we went to the doctor's today and got 3 new 3d ultrasound photos of dominique!
she looks JUST like mommy :)
the cord was in front of her face AGAIN) - that's why it might be a little blurry (but u can basically see everything).
on the right side, is her leg, ready to take aim and fire!
enjoy :)

by the way - they weighed her... she weighs 3 pounds and 11 oz. now!
She is 17 inches long.. (well.. the shortest in our family is 5'7" and the tallest is 6'1" so naturally she'll be tall!)

My sugar levels are perfect, so she's perfectly fine.. she won't be getting diabetes, which is awesome!
but I did gain 9 lbs. But that's okay... she's not suffering from it. So all's well :) I just have to be on a stricter diet now.. but I'll have plenty to eat, just
a limited of things TO eat.

that's all!

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